Float Edwardsville is a local spa that prides itself on its ability to help others. Our float room is one of the largest float rooms in the entire United States! It is a king mattress worth of water filled with nearly 1500 pounds of medical grade Epsom salt. Entering into this otherworldly realm lets you relax and enjoy peace of mind. The ability to separate yourself from your stressors allows a psychological refresh and promotes clear mindedness. The Epsom salt, magnesium sulfate, is absorbed slowly through your skin. This reduces stress in the body while improving circulation. It decreases time to heal, and allows for faster recovery for athletes and anyone suffering from chronic pains throughout the body, such as what is caused by Fibromyalgia. Being suspended on the water is akin to floating on the Dead Sea in the Holy land. The water is so dense it holds you buoyant on the waters, and allows your spine to decompress after long days of work and tension or when you suffer from chronic joint pains.

Generally called a sensory deprivation tank, our float tank also has the option of soft blue lighting, so you can choose to either float in the clouds or in the dark heavens; however you are so inclined. Though in our float you will be completely flat. Laying on your back you gain the most from the float, and can even find yourself falling asleep on the water! Emerging from the tank you’d find generally a decreased heart rate, lower blood pressure, fresh skin and hairs, a profound sense of calm, reduced inflammation, and a myriad of other benefits to face the challenges of modern living.

Some interesting bits about the benefits of Floating:

  • Increased muscle flexibility

  • Increased bone strength

  • Skin temperature water of 93.5 so you can’t tell you are even floating

  • Reduced pain for chronic pain suffers

  • Increased creative and problem solving potential

  • Improved healing and rehabilitation for an injured body

  • Addiction recovery

  • Stress elimination

  • Better, more restful sleeps

  • Increased circulatory performance

  • Normalizes digestive function

  • Lowers resting heart rate

  • Clearer skin

  • Healthier hair

  • Mitigation of environmental stressors

  • And a variety of other benefits to your mind and body!


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